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Faes Group designs, manufactures and distributes sustainable packaging for various applications. In part, the clientele consists of companies active in the field of nano and medical technology, such as ASML, Medtronic and Philips. Another major customer is the Department of Defense. These organizations often have to transport very expensive and sensitive parts, sometimes under extreme conditions. Faes Group develops advanced packaging solutions.

To ensure that the product arrives in good condition at the destination the packaging, but also the packaging process should be optimized. Faes Group instructs companies how to safely and efficiently pack their products using web applications specially developed for this purpose. In this way, many years of experience and accumulated knowledge is shared with customers and put in practice.

Faes Group has all expertise in packaging under one roof, from engineering and production to consultancy and software. We coordinate, facilitate, develop and manage. How simple or complex your packaging needs may be, Faes Group leads the way. To this end, the organization is divided into three business units: Faes Cases for fast and efficient production of sustainable packaging, FPC as service branch for packing advice, development and / or implementation and SKB Europe for the distribution of high quality aluminum and plastic cases and boxes.

Although all business units have their own specializations and they each serve specific markets and audiences, they are not completely unrelated. By making use of each other’s knowledge and expertise, they can quickly connect and offer a wide range of services together. That is why Faes Group has been able to acquire a strong market position in the field of sustainable packaging in Europe.




Member of Brainport Industries

Faes Group is a member of Brainport Industries. Brainport Industries is a cooperation of 1st, 2nd or 3rd tier high tech suppliers that originated under the flag of Brainport region Eindhoven.

“Faes Group as a high tech supplier is a member of Brainport Industries, to continuously improve the innovative potential and professionality of the chain, but certainly also of Faes Group itself.”

Member brainport industriesSuppliers in the high tech industry are increasingly expected to not only do the fabrication of parts, but also the development and engineering. For many suppliers it is hard to do this all by themselves because of limited scale and financial means. Within Brainport Industries projects in the areas of technology, markets and people are executed together so they can do this.

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ISO 9001

Faes Group has got a certified quality managementsystem. View the ISO 9001 certificate.