FPC beyond packaging

packaging consultancy
FPC beyond packaging, the service branch of Faes Group, is a group of passionate packaging consultants and specialists with a vision. At FPC you can go for a complete supply chain packaging advice, but also for solutions in the areas of outsourcing, services, design and software.

Our team has extensive experience and a “helicopter view”. This is important because packaging is often something that is decentralized (across divisions) in an organization, and therefore lacks a single point of contact.

Ultimately, FPC aims for ensuring that your product arrives in perfect condition at the destination. This requires not only functional packaging, but also a matching supply chain. FPC addresses this by looking at the entire packaging and logistics process through an integrated approach.



Software & Tools

FPC offers in-house developed software tools for a variety of applications in the packaging field:


Loading Software - StackAssist

StackAssist supports you with the efficient planning and execution of order picking, stacking and loading. StackAssist takes transport demands in their broadest sense into account.

The system delivers clear and reliable instructions for the workplace. Therefore corrections and manual inching and pinching belong to the past.

In this way your FTEs can be planned effectively and your loading times and transport costs can be minimized.




Track Trace

The internet of things, everything is connected to everything. Products, shipments, vehicles and appliances are made intelligent and linked to your PackStatus dashboard.

With state-of-the-art technology PackStatus makes your packaging interactive so you keep continuous control on everything that happens to your products.

PackStatus does not only offer track & trace technology but also extensive monitoring of the environment and conditions where the shipment is located, including temperature, vibration, falling, light, humidity and many more.




packaging instructions

PackAssist is an intelligent application that ensures it is always and everywhere known how your products need to be packed. This enables you to secure and communicate your packaging policy worldwide.

In the end this will reduce damages and errors, lower transport costs and create a uniform and professional image towards your customers.