Johan Faes


The director of Faes Group is Johan Faes, he was born and raised in Reusel De Mierden, a charming town in the Brabant Kempen. Besides being an entrepreneur, Johan is also an avid rally driver.


Johan the entrepreneur

Johan started as entrepreneur without the proverbial driver’s license in his pocket and he learned from the mistakes he made along the way. He still experiences this practical way of learning as a major advantage in his current work, for example in the treatment of packaging problems. By keeping a safe distance to the problem and not only relying on hard facts and complicated calculations, but also on the feeling involved in packaging and logistics he can keep thinking ‘out of the box’. This enables him to come up with practical solutions for the core of the problem. With success, as it turns out. Johan was even nominated Best Entrepreneurial Vision (BOV) in 2013.


Johan the rally driver

As a child, John was fascinated by anything that had to do with engines. He worked on motorcycles, welded parts together himself, and was a fanatic motocrosser at regional level. However, his true passion is rally racing. As a busy entrepreneur and young father, for a long time Johan was not able to participate in a competition, until he came into contact with the navigator Edwin Abbring in 1999. This is where he got the opportunity to drive himself. In 2000 Johan was still driving in a rented vehicle; later on more and more material became available. From the establishment of the FABORY rally team in 2005 Johan participates in the Dutch Rally Championship.