Faes Group enjoys collaborating with companies and agencies to be of optimal service in our relationships.


PackAssist is a software application developed by our business unit FPC. To make a global pilot possible  we invested with Philips Healthcare, BOM (Brabant Development Company) and the Boundless Logistics program in this project. More information about this project can be found at www.fpc-beyondpackaging.com/packassist


FPC has been able to research DOA’s along with the University of Groningen through the Dinalog advice check. More information on this topic can be found at www.fpc-beyondpackaging.com/actueel

Peaks in the Delta

Faes Group also participates in a large logistics project called: One Logistics. In this project Faes Group works with the BOM, Rewin, NLR, TU / e and IjsGlobal. This project is funded by Peaks in the Delta. The funds are made available by RVO and the provinces of Brabant and Zeeland.


The Faes Group is also a member of Brainport Industries, BVI, SLF and NIDV


For a healthy balance in the labor market adequate and well-trained staff is essential. The Faes Group contributes to the social importance through partnerships with schools, the Kempen Entrepreneurs Platform  and the training project Kies Kempische Bedrijven. The Faes Group is also registered as a recognized training company in ECABO, VTL, KCH and SH & M.