SKB Europe

As a trading partner of the U.S. SKB Corporation, SKB Europe provides the distribution of waterproof plastic cases, boxes and racks of the SKB brand and high quality aluminium boxes of the Defender brand through its own European dealer network. Both product lines guarantee absolute top quality.

Like Faes Group, the roots of SKB are in the music world. The first product, a guitar case, was produced in a garage in California. SKB now develops cases and boxes for a much broader market, with the three main target groups being industry (protection of fire fighting equipment to military equipment), sports (protection of necessary equipment, such as with fishing, hunting and golf) and music (protection of instruments during a “bumpy ride”). SKB entered into a strategic alliance with Faes Group in 2009, and the European market is fully served by SKB Europe since that moment. Through a central location for warehousing, logistics, sales and marketing, fast service can be offered to European partners. To shorten delivery time to a minimum SKB Europe also has got the facility to make tailor-made interiors locally. In this way, the Defender and SKB products provide excellent protection on both the outside and the inside.